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Elegant Historical Venue in Venice

   Reference Number: 330101

Elegant Café



Carneval in Venice  Meeting Room  Room  Gourmet Cuisine

Minimum capacity: 2 Ceremonies: Protestant
Maximum capacity: 60   Symbolic
Dining: available   Catholic (nearby)
External garden: not available   Civil (nearby)
Music: not available   Jewish (nearby)
Accomodation: not available   Other (on request)
Distance: in Venice centre    
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Wedding Reception in Caffé Quadri in Venice

Browse through our wonderful selection of reception  venues  in Venice. Choose the perfect venue for your wedding reception in Italy. Caffé Quadri is a wonderful restaurant for an unforgettable wedding meal right in Saint Mark's square. What more could you dream of. Caffé quadri restaurant is one of the most luxury restaurants in Venice 

Symbolic wedding in Caffé Quadri Venice. Photos and photographs of Caffé Quadri

Wedding Receptions  in Venice    Venice wedding reception