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Curiosities on Weddings

Why do brides dress in white?

According to the tradition a white gown symbolized the bride’s purity and virginity. In some countries white colour protects from evil spirits.


Why does the bride have bridesmaids?

It seems that this tradition comes from ancient Egypt where the bride was accompanied by other young women elegantly dressed to avoid that the evil spirits could recognize the bride and wish her the worst adversities.


Where does the word “honeymoon” come from?

In Ancient Rome the newly weds used to drink a honey sweetened beverage after their wedding for the entire cycle of the first moon in order to recover their strength.


Why does the bride toss her bouquet?

In the middle ages, brides were considered particularly lucky. At the end of the wedding single women would tear pieces of the bride's dress believing that it would give them fortune. In later times, in order to preserve the integrity of their dresses, brides started to throw other objects. The most common item was the bridal bouquet also because it usually contained herbs which were symbols of fortune.  In present times it is believed that the person who catches the bouquet will marry within the year.


Why does the groom carry the bride over the threshold?

In ancient Greece, this was a common gesture to avoid that the bride should stumble while entering her new house. If this occurred, it was believed that the gods were making the bride stumble because she was not accepted in that house.


Why does the bride wear a veil?

The veil was used to hide the bride’s face in times when weddings were combined by the couple’s families.   Since the groom had never seen his future wife before, the parents wanted to avoid that the groom should refuse to get married if he saw the face of the bride before the ceremony.  In many countries the veil also was used to preserve the bride from indiscreet glances


Why do we throw rice or birdseed at the newly weds?

This is an ancient pagan tradition according to which throwing rice or birdseed was a way of wishing the couple good luck and fertility. Rice and birdseed symbolized prosperity fertility because they would grow and produce plants.


Why do we use wedding rings?

Ancient Egyptians believed that the main vein leading to the heart started right from the ring finger. They thought that this vein controlled the flow of all sentiments. For this reason they put   rings on their fingers to bind their sentiments to those who had donated the ring. The Romans used to exchange iron rings and only in later times they started using precious rings. In the Middle Ages only the richest people used rings for weddings and some of these rings were extremely beautiful.


Why do we give bonbons at weddings?    (Italian tradition)

Bonbons are distributed to the guests to wish good fortune. The perfect number is five, to symbolize: health, fertility, richness, long life and happiness.


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History of Weddings



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